ControlFire® Software

 Titan PU7 Software

The Titan ControlFire software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.
(Last update November 02 2018)

  • Updated the Verify screen to skip a switch that returns a delta current error
  • When right-clicking a Hunting Release Tool – Electronic, a menu is shown with options to Skip the switch or attach the Fishing Neck
  • Updated the User Guide and the Troubleshooting Guide
  • A Hunting Release Tool – Ballistic can be operated when the Stop Depth feature is enabled or disabled
  • The Warrior depth includes the depth shift when the Warrior service is recording or is stopped
  • Capture and show the maximum current when reading a short between guns
  • The Abort functionality is disabled during the last 3 seconds of the firing window for Plug and Guns
  • Electronic Release Tool:
  • The Delta Current limit has been increased to 150 mA, and it is no longer user-programmable
  • The ERT Delta Current is applied to all the switches in the tool string whenever an ERT is present in the string
  • The ERT status, voltage and temperature are updated with each Gun Check or Skip. The ERT status is represented with lock/unlock/question mark icons. The voltage and temperature are shown in the status bar
  • The ERT window duration has been increased to 20 min
  • The ERT graph has been updated to detect a secondary power supply
  • History screen:
  • Added the ability to select an alternate Job folder. The new selection does not affect the Job Folder in the Set-Up screen
  • A GSI that is selected in the Main screen remains selected when the user open the History screen
  • Added the option to export the selected Jobs as a ZIP file
  • Added the option to draw the Resistance of a V/I plot
  • Show the full detonation window when plotting incomplete graphs
  • Updated the bootloader for the Hunting Shooting PS board
  • Updated the bootloader for the ControlFire board
  • Modified the InstallShield setup to also install the FTDI driver
  • Log data using military time
  • Modified the Job Folder window to adjust the width to the longest folder name
  • Show a warning when setting the communication voltage above 45 V
  • Double-clicking a Gun in the Set-Up screen shows the most recent V/I plot. This is equivalent to opening the History screen and then selecting a Gun

The PU7 software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or greater to install correctly. If, while installing the PU7 software, you get a message stating that you do not have the correct version of .NET Framework, click here to download and install .NET Framework 4.0.

Note: The “Shooting Power Supply Software” and “Titan Bootloader Software” are now embedded within the ControlFire® Software.


Titan PU6 Software

ControlFire Software PU6 version 6.6071 should only be used when recommended by technical support or if installation of PU7 has failed. Setup PU6 V6.6071


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