TKC Convertible BTC

The TKC Convertible BTC connection system is a means of "extending the performance" of API Buttress threaded casing.

The heart of the system is a special close-tolerance coupling and "patented" drop-in or press-fit convertible metal ring that occupies what would be the open "J" area of an API connection. In conjunction with special TKC Convertible pin end finish, the design permits the pin ends to shoulder in the coupling, providing for a high torque, power-tight make-up.

The TKC Convertible BTC system enhances the buttress connection's structural strength and provides an axial metal-to-metal seal to complement the Buttress thread seal.

Moreover, the TKC Convertible BTC connection system results in an internally flush, recess-free bore for improved bending, compression and torsion resistance.

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