TKC Convertible 4040

The TKC Convertible 4040 connection system is a non-upset threaded and coupled connection which combines our 4040 thread form with our press fit TKC steel center ring, to create an internally flush bore and axial metal-to-metal seal connection.

The heart of the system is a special close-tolerance coupling and patented press fit convertible metal ring that occupies what would be the open "J" area of an API style connection. The design permits the pin ends to shoulder in the coupling, providing for a high torque, power-tight make-up.

The TKC Convertible 4040 system features enhance connection structural strength while providing high torque and multiple make and break capabilities on non-upset connections.

The TKC Convertible 4040 connection is the ideal cost effective solution for salvaging API EUE, 8 round connections with insufficient upset remaining for a thread re-cut.

The rugged 4040 thread is a modified buttress thread form featuring a 3° load flank, for high tension loading, and a shallow thread height and taper. The low thread height and taper result in a maximized pin nose shoulder allowing greatly increased compression and torque capacity over most non-upset T&C connections at a reasonable cost.

• Flush bore improves swabbing efficiency, extends life of swab cups and improves flow rates.
• Non-upset design means no limit on recuts.
• Excellent for dual completions using special clearance diameters.
• Threading readily available from Hunting worldwide.

Sizes: Tubing - 2.375" to 4.5" - For additional sizes not listed, contact Hunting Energy Services.

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